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28 MEI 2017
Helmond (NL)
Muziekcafe Helmond
20 MEI 2017
Hengelo (NL)
Get Psyched, Get Rocked at Cerb!
13 APRIL 2017
Tilburg (NL)
07 APRIL 2017
Beverwijk (NL)
Rockcafe Asgard
25 MAART 2017
Gouda (NL)
Studio Gonz
17 MAART 2017
Harderwijk (NL)
18 FEBRUARI 2017
Woerden (NL)
RockBunker K77
03 FEBRUARI 2017
Tilburg (NL)
The Little Devil
06 JANUARI 2017
Utrecht (NL)
DB Studio
02 DECEMBER 2016
The Mad Baron + Jack Plane
13 AUGUSTUS 2016
Nieuwegein (NL)
The Pit
19 APRIL 2016
Studio Tilburg
26 MAART 2016
Live @ DB Studio
07 JUNI 2015
Tilburg (NL)
The Mad Baron @ Extase
08 MEI 2015
Gouda (NL)
Studio Gonz
03 APRIL 2015
Utrecht (NL)
09 JANUARI 2015
Utrecht (NL)
Finale ronde
19 DECEMBER 2014
Tilburg (NL)
Mexican Party: Pene Corrida + The Mad Baron
14 NOVEMBER 2014
Utrecht (NL)
Het geheim van Starsound
Breda (NL)
Are you ready for Disturbance
Castricum (NL)
The Mad Baron
Brugge (BE)
The Mirrors Eye Tour
Leipzig (DE)
The Mirrors Eye Tour
Plzen (CZ)
The Mirrors Eye Tour
Hlohovec (SK)
The Mirrors Eye Tour
Brezno (SK)
The Mirrors Eye Tour
Namestovo (SK)
The Mirrors Eye Tour
Humenne (SK)
The Mirrors Eye Tour
23 AUGUSTUS 2014
The Mad Baron
22 AUGUSTUS 2014
15 AUGUSTUS 2014
The Mad Baron + Minions of Doom
25 JULI 2014
Rockcafe Lub
11 JULI 2014
Cafe de Speeltuin
05 JULI 2014
31 MEI 2014
Café the Jack
23 MEI 2014
DB Studios
10 MEI 2014
Rockbunker K77

Latest Posts

The Mad Baron
 9 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
So we're proud to announce something...a little spoiler..
Tracklist for the upcoming release. Excited? See you all on the road in 2018!!

Merry Christmas everyone and a metal new year from all of us here at Mad Baron HQ!

#whennothingcomestrue #newalbum #metalnewyear #madBaron #debut #excited

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The Mad Baron
 20 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
Het is online een beetje stil geweest rondom Baron de afgelopen tijd, we weten 't! De laatste track voor het debuut wordt op dit moment heen en weer gegooid tussen ons en onze engineer. We willen zeker weten dat we achter alle kleine details in de sound staan! We vragen om nog een klein beetje geduld, maar weet dat we in de laatste fase zijn voor het lanceren!

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The Mad Baron
 14 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
Time for the final vocal touch ups and then we're finished with the recording sessions for our debut! We're beyond excited, what about you guys?

It's been a lot of work so after this one we're just gonna relax as you can see

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The Mad Baron
 7 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
We're not - always - serious. Sometimes you just gotta have some fun!

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The Mad Baron
 8 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
Have you heard? Our new album is nearing completion!
We're thinking about dropping a little teaser soon..

Should we? Would yall like that?

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The Mad Baron
 8 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
We have a fresh track for you guys soon.... #vocalsdone #Newalbum #Albumlaunchsoon #debut

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The Mad Baron
 15 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
Recording Basslines for the new version of 'Monarch' at Firmpro! Soon to be released on the brand new Mad Baron album!

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The Mad Baron
 8 likes   Posted on jan 21, 2018
A wild guest appeared !

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The Mad Baron
 1 like   Posted on jan 21, 2018
Want to end this weekend with something fun? Join us in Helmond for our last show before we are going to enjoy our summer

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The Band

The Mad Baron

Hailing from both the south and the middle of The Netherlands, The Mad Baron stand firm as an emerging band within the scene.

They wear their genre-duality on their sleeves as their energetic ballads excite you and take you on a journey through what seems a dream, yet prepare you for what is to come - which is an exploding climax of sound, impressions, pounding drums and emotion.

Their legacy is filled with stories of self-awareness, brotherhood, the spiritual path of (emotional) awakening, and harmony. A healthy dose of darkness reminds you crudely of their inherent duality - a hunger for the light, while being close to consumation by darkness. They reflect your life back to you - a journey to your impact on yourself, others and the world around you.

Just how they manage to fall right outside the various genres, is nothing short of unorthodox. Barely metal, but rock 'n roll on steroids, the bandmember's individual influences stand at the dawn of their rocking back and forth between styles.Where Gijs' guitar, - while at times intentionally arhythmic and signature-changing - reminds you of metal the most, Youri manages to bedazzle and cover you in a veil of illusion, floating around, through, over, under, but most of all in marvellous synchronicity with Gijs' arrangements.Frank adds to the illusion and drags you in the dream, only to crudely awake you again when going along with Gijs' guitar - hopping in and out of the two with his broad range of vocal styles and volume changes. Florian's funk background only adds further to this, masterfully weaving together the arrangements. Sebastiaan provides the never-depleting battery, with the stamina gained from his punk background, he expertly manages to provide the rhythmic signature that makes sure the band flows without flying away.

In the future the band aim to develop numerous full-length albums, and to keep improving musically as a performing group; be it through gigs, live-videos, studio work, or touring again in foreign countries - the gents want to keep writing, and keep getting their message out to the world, out to the people.

The Mad Baron are:

Youri - Guitar
Gijs - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Florian - Bassguitar & Backing Vocals
Sebastiaan - Drums & Percussion
Frank - Vocals

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